rock paper navy?

what, you don’t get it?  allow me to explain…

{rock} it could be your shiny engagement ring, the name of your dog, the foundation of your relationship, the material used to landscape the yard of your newly purchased home.

{paper} may be your morning tradition of reading the daily newspaper, your marriage certificate, love letters exchanged over the years.

{navy} the things you share, the love you have, the glue that binds you…all these things are real, sincere, and make up the relationship that you wouldn’t trade for the world.  but when it is all said and done, in this game the navy always seems to have the priority.

the boat doesn’t care that you just got married last week.  the submarine couldn’t care less that your child is due in 2 months.  there is a job to do, a war to fight, and a global force for good to be spread.

we will never get used to it.  we most certainly will never enjoy it.  but we deal with it because when you find the person you love, you do whatever it takes.  our men are a part of something bigger than themselves.  they are our unsung heroes who are willing to do a job and sacrifice what many would never consider.  they need our love and support to get through these tough times just as much as we need theirs.

there will be times where we feel like the other woman in this crazy love triangle.  but we need to stay strong.  we need to remember that love never fails.


*shout out to s.e.p. for her creative mind in helping me think of this name.


4 thoughts on “rock paper navy?

  1. Areyou are proud of him for what he's doing for the country and proud of all his accomplishments so far? If so, then you actually win the game. xoxoKim K

  2. I love this, Andrea. If your significant other works for any part of the government they'll always win. I grew up with my dad being the "navy" role and now I'm living in the position that I always watched my mom in. Yes, Kim, we do win in the sense that we're proud and willing to share our loved one for the greater good, but when it comes to the relationship, time and time again it's been proven that the government makes it a very trying love triangle. All of us in this position have decided that our love for that person is greater than the struggles that the work poses!

  3. You sum it all up so well! It takes strong people, a strong relationship and lots of love to get through the challenges the navy (or the army in my situation) presents you with. You are setting a great example to all other military families that while its incredibly hard, it is definitely worth it to tough it out and continue to build a wonderful relationship with the man you love.

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