chats, chocolate chip cookies, and connections

So today wasn’t so bad… 

  • Work was…work.  Another day, another dollar!
  • Lunch was quite fabulous if I must say so myself.  If you are ever in Bellevue or Kirkland I highly recommend the Mediterranean Kitchen…it will blow your mind.
  • Naptime!  You can’t go wrong with those.
  • Chat time with Clint!  I woke up right as he got on facebook.  Luuuucky!  That was pretty much amazing, per usual.
  • Chips Ahoy Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Enough said.

But hands down, the best thing of today was some of the awesome connections I made with some military wives. When I started this blog a whole 2 days ago, my goal was to eventually get some feedback from women I had never met but who were in the same situation as me.  Hell, I figured it would take at least a couple months to get all my friends to follow.  So when I saw that I had comments AND a message from 3 total strangers today I was pretty much on cloud 9.  

Anyone who has ever witnessed the organized chaos atop an aircraft carrier flight deck, knows that it wouldn’t be possible without an unimaginable amount of teamwork.  It is my firm belief that the same applies to getting through military life.  Whether or not we are strangers in different cities or neighbors at the same base, we are a family.  The military, the love for our significant other, the sacrifices, the crazy lifestyle, the endless list of acronyms, the teary goodbyes, and the ear to ear grins at homecoming are the common bonds that tie us together.  We should work as a team.  We should pick each other up on the lonely days.  We should share our stories.  We should celebrate the small things that makes us feel like we are on the top of the world.  

So keep the comments coming.  Continue making those connections with strangers.  We will get through this, and we will get through it together.




One thought on “chats, chocolate chip cookies, and connections

  1. No kidding! If it weren't for the support of other military wives and girlfriends, I wouldn't have made it in a strange land all by myself!

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