funny how the small things mean so much

“I got to talk to Clint last night!!”

“Ha you know it’s good when you get that excited over a phone call.”

(ok so maybe that isn’t exactly how the conversation went, but that is the best I can recall haha)


This conversation with my co-worker got me thinking a little bit.  I am sure most people would think that I am terribly unlucky to be in such a situation…I mean what sane person would wish it upon themselves to have a boyfriend/fiance/husband they could rarely speak with?  I know I wouldn’t!  But on the flip side sometimes I feel so incredibly blessed to be in my shoes.

Before trying to hand me over to the looney bin, hear me out!  When you have such a limited time with someone it’s funny how the small things mean so much.  I get excited when I can facebook chat with him, so getting a 20 minute phone call from the boat?  Pretty much turns any kind of day into perfect 10.  Seeing his daily email on my blackberry each morning always helps me wake up on a better note…and when I actually get a chance to wake up next to him it is like a little piece of heaven.  The 2 days a week I get to spend with him when he is home?  Haha don’t even get me started about how amazing those are!!  

We always try to quickly resolve our differences so we don’t waste our limited time fighting over things that really don’t matter.  When actually get a chance to be with each other, we treat it as if it’s our last.  And when we have to say goodbye, his hugs are so big I can still feel them a week later.

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” could not be any more accurate.  Don’t get me wrong, our relationship is far from perfect.  And I am not saying that people who are fortunate enough to see each other everyday can’t have what we have.  But there is something so fantastic about being able to get excited about the little things.  The little things that some people wouldn’t even think twice about.  

Well that’s my two cents for the day.  Take if you like, if not – oh well, it was just two cents.

One thought on “funny how the small things mean so much

  1. That's funny because I was just talking to Richard yesterday about this! He was saying that he needs to spoil me because he's leaving, and I told him that he didn't need to because him just being around me was spoiling me. That the little things are what spoils me, not material things that he can give me, but just the day to day things that other couples can easily take for granted. It's like we're on the same thought process all the time! LOVE you!

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