it’s been one of those moods…

This always seems to happen…Clint will leave, I will be doing just fine, and then out of no where it just really, really starts to hit me how much I miss him and wish he was home.  The past couple days has been one of these times…I’ve just felt blah.  Although it is never easy, I would like to think that I am usually pretty good at dealing with him being away.  But man alive!  There are just some times when all I really need is the giant hug from him that without words, tells me everything will be ok.  Or the extra set of hands to help me move a piece of furniture, or cook dinner.  Not to mention the ability to actually look at him face to face when we talk would be nice.  Whenever he is gone it only magnifies how much these things mean to me and how much they positively influence my life.  I know this meh mood will pass shortly, but I just hope sooner than later.  Clint needs me to be strong right now, I need to be strong right now.  And dammit, it is our wedding month and I am not going to let the Navy win this round by keeping me sad. 

“Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.” -Kay Knudsen

ps – 26 days!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “it’s been one of those moods…

  1. Maybe you can change your mood to….It's my wedding month! Yay!!!!!!….or, My dress fits perfectly and I didn't have to ever sweat fitting into it! Yay!!!!….or, My last name is soon going to be Latham and I'll soon be able to call him my HUSBAND! Yay!!! šŸ™‚ Next week is the half month mark already, so soon enough it will be your wedding day! Don't forget that I live really closeby if you ever need to break the meh mood. xoxo Kim K

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