are we there yet?

Man oh man, don’t you ever wish you could speed time up…but slow it down at the same time??  I am having one of those moments now.  I wish it was the end of the week already so Clint could FINALLY be back home (seriously are we there YET?), but at the same time I need time to go backwards so I can get all the last minute wedding stuff done!!  I cannot believe that in 11 days I will be a WIFE.  W-I-F-E.  WIFE.  It kind of weirds me out… in a good way of course!!  It just seems pretty crazy that so much time has passed since he first proposed…too bad his other girlfriend (the navy) has been able to spend more time with him than me haha.  

Today I am determined to knock out at least 2 wedding projects, and then get my butt into bed by 10pm.  I feel like I might be starting to get sick and that is the LAST thing that I need to deal with right now.  It will be sooo nice to have Clint home, that boy always has a way of making me feel better about things and just RELAX.

On a different note, my fabulous friends (and sister) threw me an amazing bridal shower and bachelorette party this weekend.  I am so grateful to have amazing women like this in my life!!

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