pepsi refresh project – JoeOnTheMove

A friend of mine shared this on facebook and after seeing it I couldn’t help but do my part to spread the word. Pepsi is giving away millions of dollars to fund great ideas.  One of these great ideas is JoeOnTheMove, whose goal is to bridge the communication gap between our military overseas and their loved ones.  Anyone who has dealt with a deployment knows what a large gap this can be, and understands why this is such a great cause.  Please support our military and their loved ones by voting here and spreading the word.

Give 2 MILLION FREE minutes, 75,ooo+ phone calls to deployed troops.

About JoeOnTheMove:
Founded in September 2008 by active duty U.S. soldiers, JoeOnTheMove addresses a common problem found by individuals that serve in the military – COMMUNICATION. Anyone who has served can tell you that communication with loved ones while stationed overseas can be both difficult and expensive.

Free Phone Calls & Internet for Deployed Troops are causes led by JoeOnTheMove to provide comfort and increase moral of U.S. troops deployed overseas. This helps to ease the worry & fear of families & loved ones here in the United States. Currently there are over 200,000 U.S. Service-Members deployed & fighting in countries around the world. Suicide & divorce within military families are at an all time high. These communications services provide a much needed link between soldiers and their families, putting a soldier’s mind at ease knowing that family is taken care of as well as allowing family members to rest assured that their soldiers are both alive and well. JoeOnTheMove is not political in any way. Our intent is to support the soldiers, regardless of whether one supports the wars or not. In 2009 we delivered more than 1 Million Free Minutes to troops around the world, this year we hope to double that and increase our Internet reach in combat zones.



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