FREE calls to your deployed loved one

DISCLAIMER:  I am probably about to sound like a pre-paid commercial but this is totally legit!! 🙂

I went on tonight and found an article that caught my eye… “Google offers free phone calls to families.”  I checked it out and this is a seriously amazing offer! You get $10 credit for Google voice by signing up for either Blue Star Families or Sesame Street Family Connections.  $10 bucks probably doesn’t like much, but to put it into perspective this could be 500 minutes to Singapore (the rate is $.02)!!  The deadline to sign up is December 22 so get on it!  I have included a little blurb about Google Voice, as well a link to the article, below.

Google Voice gives you a single phone number that rings all of your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text.Other cool features include the ability to listen in on messages while they’re being left, block unwanted callers, and make cheap international calls. 

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