first call!!!!!

he finally got a chance to call me today!!  during deployments it always makes me giddy to see unknown numbers because of the chance that it could be him.  unfortunately the phones cut us off after about 15 minutes, but regardless i am SOOOO happy that i was able to talk to him.  it is one thing to hear his voice in a recording, but when it is over the phone i feel so much closer to him… like he is right there, rather than who knows how many miles away.

to all those who get the chance to talk and see their loved ones everyday… be thankful.  never take that for granted.  listen to every word that is said.  say i love you after each phone call.  give a hug before saying goodbye.  appreciate the everyday things that seem so little.  don’t waste a single moment.  you never know when your time may be cut short.  cherish the times you have together and remember that no gesture or act of love is too small.  cling to these things because you realize how meaningful they are when they aren’t around.

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