weddings, weddings, weddings

Wedding season has finally arrived!  Thus far I have already gone to 2 weddings, and I have 4 more before year’s end.  Not to mention all the bridal showers & bachelorette parties in between!  While it can be quite time consuming and draining on my wallet, it is beyond worth it to join my friends on some of the happiest days of their lives.  Having gone through it myself just over 6 months ago, I can still vividly what an amazing time it was.  I have a grin on my face as I write this because just the thought of Clint as my husband makes me so happy…I am so thrilled for my friends who also have found their partner in life.

There of course is the flip side to all of this…Since getting married, Clint and I have been separated for all but 28 days.  Deployment was no surprise, we planned things to happen as they did, but it doesn’t make it any easier to be married but really have no idea what “married life” is like.  It doesn’t matter if you knew it was coming, or if you tried all you could do to prepare.  Living 6+ months without the person you just vowed to spend the rest of your life with is hard.  

A couple weddings ago, I was sitting at a table with a bunch of my sorority friends during the First Dance.  As I looked around, every person surrounding me was with their significant other and I couldn’t help but get a little sad that mine wasn’t.  It must have been painfully obvious that this was going through my head because next thing I know, one of my best friends asks me if I am ok and I burst in to tears.  Ok well maybe not burst… but there are definitely some waterworks.  I was so THAT girl and I initially felt so selfish for crying over my own issues on someone else’s day.  Luckily I quickly pulled it together, but as I think about it now… I think it was also just a testament to my friends and how much LOVE I could feel in the room.  When you are surrounded by that much love you sometimes just can’t help but be emotional, especially when the other half of your heart is away.

All these weddings have made me think about our ceremony and the vows we wrote especially.  One of our vows was to remain strong when seas separate us, for I know that what I love most about you becomes clearer in your absence.  I need to remember this, I need to draw strength from the words we said that day.  Deployment won’t last forever, I won’t always be without him, and I most certainly will always be loved.

Today I am choosing to spend the rest of my life with you.
I make the commitment to give the highest priority to the tenderness,
gentleness, and kindness that our love deserves. Today I promise to love
you with an unconditional love, and to be faithful and true to you alone. In
this love, I will always honor and respect you, encourage and support you,
and nurture and care for you. When the times get difficult, I promise to
remember our love and to focus on what is right between us. I will always
treasure our moments together and will remain strong when seas separate
us, for I know that what I love most about you becomes clearer in your
absence. Today I vow to always stand by you, to be your best
friend, and to love you forever. 

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