This is old news for many people but it was on my list to blog about, so here we are! 

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a thing for tattoos.  Take one look at my husband and there will be no question in your mind how I feel about them!  While I have no intention of fully sleeving my arms like him, I do plan to have a little collection of my own.  About three months ago I got my 3rd, most elaborate, largest, and favorite tattoo to date.  After researching a whole flurry of Seattle artists, I finally decided to go with Chula of Tiger Tiger Tattoo (part of the Seattle Tattoo Emporiums).  I was absolutely blown away by the quality and beauty of his work, and quickly determined that this was who I wanted to make a permanent piece of art on my body.

One evening after work I made the trek from Bothell to Chinatown for my consultation.  We began discussing my ideas and reasons behind the tattoo.  I thought what I was envisioning was good… but amazing how talking to a REAL ARTIST can make you realize why they are the ones behind the needle.  Chula was professional, receptive to my thoughts, but stuck to his guns and gave opinion where it was desperately needed.  Not to mention, he’s a totally cool, friendly guy AND comes from a Navy family!  After one more visit to review what he came up with, I made an appointment to make it official.  He hardly had the sketch out before I was asking when we could get it done!  This man definitely has chosen the right profession.

I wasted no time and made sure to get my butt back into that shop with in a week.  Because of the placement of the tattoo, I was pretty freaking terrified.  The inside of your arm is pretty tender and I had a sinking feeling on my drive over that I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain.  Thankfully Becca and Amy joined me for moral support!  Chula got to work pretty quick after I arrived.  And to my pleasant surprise… IT DIDN’T HURT!  Apparently I have a higher tolerence for pain than I give myself credit for.  πŸ™‚  Within an hour (yes, ONE hour) the tattoo was done and I was getting wrapped up.  The tattoo I had been pining over for months was finally complete.  Talk about GIDDY!!!!

So what does it all mean you ask?  It is a tribute first and foremost to myself.  Then to my husband, my father (Retired Chief Petty Officer USN), my mother (Retired Navy wife), and all other military spouses out there.  I am married to a man in uniform.  I am proud of it and I wouldn’t change it.  I wanted a tattoo that symbolized both sides of the coin.  Something that vividly portrayed that the Navy is a huge part of my life.  Something that represented that I am the anchor that keeps my husband connected back to home when he is overeas.  But I also wanted it to show that I am like a strong, resiliant tree.  My life will go on when Clint is not around and I will not let the situation inhibit me. No matter how difficult the circumstances, lonely the nights, or dark the hour I will continue to stand tall with my head held high.  I will continue to grow as an individual, a friend, and wife…someday as a mother.  I will perservere through whatever life and the Navy throws my way.

Thank you Chula for such a marvelous piece of art.  This means the world to me and don’t worry – I pimp you out as much as I can!  πŸ™‚  And I will CERTAINLY be coming back for more.



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