Yesterday morning was perfect.  I was warmly cuddled up in bed with my dog to one side of me, and my lightly snoring husband to another.  Not to mention, I was getting to sleep in on a Monday – It really doesn’t get much better than that!  As I layed there just enjoying the moment, it wasn’t long before reality started to sink in…this picturesque morning was the beginning of a day I had been horribly dreading.

Monday was D-Day…Deployment day.   The day that launches another 5+ months of separation.  The day that starts a relationship sustained on daily emails and monthly phone calls.  The day which came far faster than I had wished for.  Last homecoming, just a mere 5 months ago, is still such a recent memory.  But here we are again – another deployment.  6th in his 7.5 year Navy career, 4th in our 4 year relationship, 2nd in our 1 year marriage. 

With all that said, though, there are 2 things I need to constantly remind myself of:

  • There is a light at the end of this seemingly never-ending tunnel.  This is our LAST deployment for a while.  The end of cruise not only brings my husband back, but a whole new adventure for us as well.  SHORE DUTY.  3 years, sans deployment, in hopefully a new & sunny location (fingers crossed!).
  • I can do this, I know I can.  I’ve done it before and I’ve survived – this is no different.  I am a strong woman who has God, my family, and amazing friends on my side.  When it feels like things are collapsing in around me, I cannot forget the support system I’ve been blessed with.

So to my husband, my Garudas, and all who are about to set sail… May fair winds and calm seas be with you.  As always, it will be a tumultuous ride – but we got this!  Don’t ever forget how much love and support awaits you at home.  Stay safe and keep that head on a swivel!  I LOVE YOU ALL!


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