To Facebook or not Facebook, that is the question!

Yesterday I was pretty set on no longer putting links to my blog on Facebook.  People can be weird about Facebook sometimes, and a little judgemental about what others post.  By blogging about my rollercoaster of a military life and blowing up Newsfeeds across America (and the world I suppose), I guess I was ‘nervous’ that people would entirely misunderstand my intentions.  Sure I’d love to see the number of my readers grow and grow, but do not be mistaken!  I do not want your sympathy and I am not trying to garner childish attention.  Paranoid?  Probably.  Caring too much about what everyone else thinks?  Quite likely.  I know I shouldn’t have to explain myself, and that those who truly know me already understand.  But while we are on the topic I might as well set the record straight.  Just in case. 

  1. I need to vent or I could explode.  This blog has actually been extremely therapeutic for me.  
  2. I know in my heart that I cannot be the only military spouse who experiences these feelings and emotions.  I truly hope other spouses, family, & friends will take comfort in knowing that they are not alone.  I feel what they feel.  
  3. Military, and the life that comes with it, is entirely foreign to many people in this nation.  It is hard to understand or support someone when you have no clue what they are going through, and perhaps my blog can help shed some light on that.  President Obama once said, “1 percent of Americans may be fighting our wars; 100 percent of Americans need to be supporting our troops and their families — 100 percent.”  Call me bias, but I sincerely believe and stand behind this statement.
  4. Apparently I am good at writing and actually like it.
  5. I want to meet Ellen someday and maybe this blog will help. 
  6. Ok that last one was a joke… sort of… maybe… 🙂

Either way, I suppose I am the type that just wants to make everybody happy.  So I’ve come up with a compromise.  For those who want the ease of seeing a tidy little email in their inbox each morning, subscribe.  For those who read other blogs and want everything in a single location, use the journal RSS.  For those who like the links on Facebook, join my fan page For those who don’t give a flying f*ck about my blog, don’t do a thing

Sound good?  Superb.


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