the sense of smell

Last night I fell asleep hugging a pillow that I had sprayed with Clint’s cologne.  For a split second when I first closed my eyes, it was almost as if he was still at home laying right there beside me.  In that tiny little moment I felt completely at ease, and like my world was back to how it should be.

Funny how certain scents can do that to you.  I suppose, though, I’ve always valued my sense of smell for that reason.  It seems to me that smell, more than any other sense, provokes the most memories from life.  Fresh cut grass mixed with a hint of exhaust instantly transports me back to high school track season.  Catwalk Honey & Oatmeal shampoo takes me back to my shower shoe totin’ days of freshman year in Perham Hall.  Licorice & Monster remind me all to well of my first sorority date dash and why I absolutely hate Jagerbombs.  Christmas trees strike the most vivid image of me opening the door to my parents house after the long drive across the state for winter break, and just thinking ‘Ah, I’m home’.  

I’m so glad he left his cologne behind.


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