treading water

Sometimes it feels like I am treading water.  Fighting against the waves to catch a breath, only to be slammed back down by another one.  Getting myself to a good place, just to be forced backward to start over.  It’s exhausting. 

The past couple weeks has been particularly trying.  Without getting into too much detail – we’re trying to figure out the next 3 years of our lives with the Navy, and it’s been like ripping an ultra sticky bandaid off one hair at a time.  Limited location options, decision makers who seemingly don’t care, days between updates, dates being pushed back, and few friends who really ‘get it’. 

The difficulty of the situation is probably magnified 10 fold by the fact Clint is gone.  Gone just months after coming home.  Gone for yet another Christmas.  Gone for another half year of our recent marriage.  There are certainly some positives in the whole thing, but it can be hard to see them through everything else. 

At this point what can I really do though, right?  I’m trying to remember 1st Peter 5:6-7, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 55:22, Matthew 6:34.  I’m trying to remember that even if I can’t see it now, things are working the way they should be.  I’m trying to remember that I wouldn’t have been made a Navy wife if I couldn’t handle it.  But man – I am sure ready for a break.


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