Today was no different than any other.  I woke up an hour after my alarm actually went off, I worked for a majority of the day, came home, relaxed & ate dinner, then went to the gym (ok this is actually out of the norm, but I’m trying to make it the norm).  Post-workout I was attempting to clean the kitchen when my phone starts ringing…at this point I have 2 guesses: the mother or the husband.  Lo & behold, I pick up my phone and am greeted with “ABSENT NUMBER” flashing across the screen.  Yahoooooo! It’s the husband!

Even at a short 20 minutes, being able to hear his voice on a clear, non-crackling phone line (this rarely happens) was absolutely the highlight of my day!  Clint has been out at sea for about 1.5 months now, and this was only the 3rd or 4th time we’ve actually been able to talk.  We chatted about shore duty and our big move to Maryland, and of course about how much we love love love each other.  Haha.  Unfortunately the call was cut short but the dreaded speech that comes up when your phone card only has 60 seconds left.  We quickly said our goodbyes and I Love Yous, and the call was over almost as quickly as it started.

As much as I really loathe deployments, I must say that they have taught me and continuously remind me of an important life lesson…never take things for granted!  I have been so unbelievably blessed to have Clint in my life.  I honestly cannot imagine what it would be like without him…well…I guess I can because he is never here…HAHA, you know what I really mean!  In all honesty though, I’ve really learned that the small things matter much more than we often realize.  So make the quick little hugs & kisses last a second longer, don’t blow off the phone calls or text messages, savor each and every face to face conversation, enjoy the trips to the grocery store or gas station, melt into his arms when he cuddles with you, laugh a little when he attempts to be funny, forget the stupid arguments over nothing…make every second count!  You never really think about how much you miss the minute details, until you have to live life a while without them.


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