Snowpocalypse 2012

Snowpocalypse…Snowmageddon…Storm of the Century.  Whatever you want to call it, whether you loved it or loathed it, I think we can agree that Western Washington got it’s fair share of snow this past week!


At 7 or 8 years old we moved from Hawaii to Washington, and I distinctly remember thinking “YES!  Snow everywhere everyday.”  ?%*!@?  Where the heck did we get that idea?!  Haha!  While I’m sure there were at least a few more, I can only vividly recollect 2 snowy winters from my childhood: the one where I smashed my face into the street trying to sled and lost half of my two front teeth (sorry, no pictures!), and the one where we got snowed in at my aunt’s house in Olympia and my dad had to rescue us.

Fast forward to the college years, though, and we have a totally different story.  You don’t have a winter in the Palouse without snow!  Heated sidewalks, Jeep Wranglers with plows attached, sledding down the golf course, icy late night treks for burritos, snow ball fights in the middle of Greek row, skimpy Halloween outfits in 10 degree weather, slippery uphill hikes to class and praying you never ate pavement enroute.  Snow was always so exciting in college and you always wished for more…well, except for when it was time to drive back home over the pass.  But really, it was great!

These days back on the western side of the Evergreen state, I have a serious love/hate relationship with the snow.  It’s great for snowboarding, gorgeous to look at, and eerily peaceful when you step out into the white silence it brings.  But man, it can be really inconvenient!  The roads turn to crap with sludgy wet snow & minimal plowing, cabin fever quickly sets in when you’re stuck working from home a couple days, I think my social skills dropped at least 5 notches due to no human interaction, and I probably gained a few pounds from lack of movement & way too much junk food.  And while Charlie is a fantastic cuddler, he doesn’t beat my husband when it comes to keeping me warm!

And just like that, another Washington winter storm has come and gone.  The temperatures are rising and the sound of melting snow is like sweet music to my ears as it quickly replaces the white silence.  Until next year, Snowpocalypse!     

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