meh monday

It’s Monday and I can be in a meh mood if I want!

  • I seriously hate breaking bad news to Clint when he’s overseas.
  • It kills me that sometimes I have to stare at his picture to really remember what he looks like.
  • Deployment seems like it is never going to end.
  • As ready as I am for the big move, I am really going to miss my friends and family.  A lot.
  • Sitting in silence when I get home because I have no one to talk to does not suit my fancy.
  • I can’t decide if it is pathetic or funny that if someone asks when I talked to Clint last, I can refer to my blog for the date because such a rare event is post-worthy.
  • It bothers me that even when my day isn’t so bad as a whole, the not so happy stuff always has a way to creep in take over (ie today).

Well I suppose that’s enough with the griping.  I’m going to bed.


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