christmas in february!

Today was pretty good.  I had a great talk with my boss about moving to Maryland (more on that another time), saw my chiropractor and was adjusted back into comfort, and I went to the gym!  As great as those were, though, they didn’t compare to the 2 things that made it feel like “Christmas in February”. 

With Clint gone, my emotions are funny and all over the place.  For instance, the smallest things tend to get me sad or upset, but they also tend to get me the most excited too…maybe almost too excited HAHA. Today is a perfect example of this.  If you follow my personal page on FB, you’ll know that I’ve been talking NON-STOP about my Full Circle Farm organic produce box.  I’d heard of FCF from co-workers, and it sounded great, but I never did anything about it.  That all changed on Sunday when I signed up to receive weekly boxes of organic produce.  A little background – FCF started out as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program out of Carnation, WA.  As they grew, they decided to start partnering with other local & regional organic farms to get great selections of produce straight from the farm to table!  I could go on and on, but you can read more about them on their website.  🙂  Anyway, I finally picked up my box today after work!  How great does this look?!  I felt like a giddy little child on Christmas day.

The other MAJOR highlight of my “Christmas in February” day was that on my drive into work I remembered it was February 1!  Do you realize what this means?!  It means that 2 complete months have passed since Clint left for deployment!!  Teeeechnically we are over the 2 month mark, but I like to round… I have a thing for even numbers. 🙂  We still have quite the large hunk of time left before he comes home, but I gotta take my little victories where I can find them right?  I can’t really decide if I think the time has gone by quickly or slowly.  I suppose it’s a little bit of both, depending on which day you ask me.  Sometimes I feel like we should already be at the 4 month mark…other times I’m shocked so much time has passed.  I can say with certainty, though, that I am ready for it to be OVER!  I want to have my husband back and I want to be on the road to our new adventure in Maryland!

Tomorrow may even continue the “Christmasy” trend as I’ll enjoy happy hour in Seattle with some friends, and then get waxed!  Waxed?!  Waxed!  These eyebrows-turned-caterpillars on my face have to GO!  Call me a freak, but I might even be more excited about this than the fact 2 months of deployment have passed! Sorry Clint, you’ll thank me later!  🙂

One thought on “christmas in february!

  1. That box looks awesome! I'm totally looking into that here in the Florida panhandle. 2 months! Next thing you know, it'll be 3 months, then 4! AND you went to the gym?? Girl! You better slow your roll! Haha! No, it really IS the little things…, keep truckin!

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