my (our) new arm chair & beachy inspired living room

Regardless of where and how often the Navy relocates us, I think it is so very important for our house to always feel like a home.  While permanency is not a word commonly associated with this vagabond-like lifestyle, it doesn’t mean our living space has to reflect that!  Actually, I think it is all the more reason why you need to have a great place to come back to everyday.

A new blog I’m following the reno project(s) recently did a post on carribean inspired rooms.  I absolutely fell in love with the second photo…That living room is the perfect balance of bold and freshness!  In a way it actually reminded me of our own living room.  Not that ours in anything like that, nor carribean inpired…but I love that it conveys the beachy feel without being so literal.  I don’t see a single starfish or seashell in sight!  That open, airy, coastal feel is what we have hoped to achieve in our own space.

We started with the couch which I bought from a friend.  Until just recently, this was the only piece of furniture for guests to squeeze onto.  The geometric designed pillows were also from a friend, but we supplemented them with the others you see on the couch.  I tried to go with some lighter colors because of the dark, not so beachy furniture.  I also don’t mind some matchy-matchy, but tried to break up the monotony by making 2 of the bigger pillows different designs.  Our floor to ceiling linen drapes make the room seem so much taller, and help keep it light & fresh in here.  The painting on the wall seems to tie it all together…and adds some color to the unpainted (blah) walls.  And last week I finally got a boldly patterned arm chair like I’ve always wanted!  It’s just a coincidence that it so oddly matches the pillows, haha.  I’m glad to now have some additional seating, and getting it at Ross was quite the steal!

We’re newlyweds and trying to do this all on a budget, so I know things will change and we won’t keep this look or furniture forever.  Maybe someday we will even have our own version of that gorgeous navy & orange living room!  But for now, it gets the job done!

What do you think?  Beachy cozy comfort?


2 thoughts on “my (our) new arm chair & beachy inspired living room

  1. I love it all, especially, those navy blue pillows. I definitely get the feel of the beach, but one where I want to snuggle up on your couch next to the fire and listen to the waves crashing outside.

  2. Well thank you Mrs. B! I will say it is quite cozy to cuddle up in here by the fire and listen to the sound of the… rain. LOL! The dark couch & table take away from that light, breezy feel a bit – but I tried to lighten it up with all the blue & sandy colors. I can't wait to start decorating in Maryland…I hear PAINT calling my name!

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