feel good friday – a new series coming soon!

Wow, the post from last night was a HUGE hit…80+ unique visitors and counting!  Granted I pimped that particular one out more than normal, but that’s beside the point!  With all the negativity and bad news that goes on everyday, I think we are all a bit starved for a positive story once in a while!

Sooooooo, I want to introduce a new series that I hope will continue for weeks and months and years to follow…

feel good friday

Each Friday I want to dedicate a post to YOUR photos and stories.  It doesn’t matter if they are military or civilian… they just need to meet the following criteria:
-smile worthy
-one, some, or all of the above!

Got something you want to share? Or know someone who does? PLEASE send it my way! You can fill out the form here (stories only), or send me an email at rockpapernavy@gmail.com.  Either method works, but please include the following when you do:
-First name
-Email address
-Descriptive subject line
-Story or caption formatted exactly how you’d like it to appear
-Photo credits if necessary

This series absolutely CANNOT happen without you.  So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send in the goods and spread the word!  Let anyone and everyone know, so we can all be blessed with awesome photos and stories that bring a little light into our lives!

You rule!  Let’s see those submissions pour in!  Many thanks in advance!

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