Feel Good Friday – the note

Feel Good Friday #1!
(ok well I’m a little early but I couldn’t wait!)

On Monday I shared a couple moving stories about random acts of kindness.  If you remember from the second story, Angela mentioned a touching note left by the stranger that truly blessed their whole family.
Well here it is!
Let’s be honest – I feel blessed, and the note wasn’t even for me or my husband.  This man is truly an angel on earth.

“Here is the infamous note I wrote about. I had my husband take a pic with his phone so that I could share the mans words of encouragement with you all.”Ephesians 3:20-21

As the daughter of a retired Navy veteran, the wife of a currently deployed Navy sailor, and the friend to many in uniform, I say THANK YOU to this stranger.  I say THANK YOU to anyone and everyone that supports our military and their families.  Your kindness gives us strength.  Your love gives us hope.  Your support gives us the power to keep on going.

Got a story or photo that you think belongs on Feel Good Friday?  Share it!


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