Today was just what I needed

Today I got to talk to Clint.  For an hour.  In real-time.  Face to face…sorta.  Today we got to Skype.  Today I got to see him smile at me for the first time since Christmas.  Today was just what I needed. 

Believe it or not, having a relationship with a computer is not easy!  Don’t get me wrong…I know we are extremely blessed with this technology and I will gladly take emails over handwritten letters any day!  But it’s still less than ideal.  While emails can quickly deliver messages of love and how are you’s, they can’t replace the kisses or hugs.  They can’t ask you on a date or look you in the eye to say something.  They can’t help in the kitchen or change your brakes or rub your feet after a long day.  A computer can’t fill the deep void of lonliness that’s left behind when he deploys.

But today I don’t care about any of that.  Today I am thankful for Skype.  Today I was able to feel closer to my husband than I have in months.  Today I felt rejuvinated.  Today was a little victory.  Today was just what I needed.

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