Like a ton of bricks

It’s finally hitting me.  Hard.  Like a ton of bricks to the face. 

Tonight it really hit me that…

  • My husband and best friend is almost home from the 6th deployment in his 8 year career, and 4th deployment in our 4.5 year relationship.
  • Finally ending sea duty to start a new adventure at our next duty station is no longer “that thing” in the far future we dream about.  Shore duty is literally around the corner.
  • For the first time in our relationship I will get to spend more than 47 consecutive days with the love of my life.
  • I don’t have to feel like a celebate nun anymore.
  • Clint will finally get to be my emergency contact on forms.
  • I will get a 3-4 year break from having to endure the sadness, lonliness, and sheer emotional exhaustion that comes with deployments.
  • Clint will finally be home for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and any other important event that may arise.
  • Everday I will be able to fall asleep and wake up in his arms.
  • I won’t need to wait anxiously by my phone hoping for a call or email notification.  If I want to talk to Clint, I can call him and better yet – talk to him face to face.
  • Important people in my life will finally be able to meet the man I’ve raved about all these years.
  • I won’t be dateless to weddings.
  • Most importantly – I get to start watching Dexter again.  🙂

Thinking about this evergrowing list makes me so happy I could cry!  Who am I kidding – I did cry!  I sobbed hysterically as I watched homecoming videos, listened to “I’m Already There” by Lonestar, emailed Clint, and wrote this post.

AHHHH!  So close!!!


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