Thankful Thursday #3

Today I’m thankful for the amount of sunshine we get here in MD.  Coming from western WA where we see sunshine maybe 25% of the year, this is a very welcomed change!  Every morning I’ve been able to see the most beautiful sunrises because there are no clouds getting in the way.  Not to mention, it’s been surprisingly warm lately.  This weekend is predicted to get close to 70!  I have a feeling this isn’t normal, but I’ll take it!  Here’s to more vitamin D and blue skies!

Side note – had a great visit with my friend Jen last weekend… I’ll post some photos of our DC tour later!







Thankful Thursday #2

I know, I know… I’m a bit behind.  I blame it on the holidays!  Happy New Year, everyone!

Today I’m thankful for 3 things:

1) My 7 minute commute to work.  There is something so great about hitting only 1 stop light, and knowing that I don’t need to factor in an additional 30+ minutes in my morning ritual.

2) The wonderful friends we are making here.  Both Clint and I have been so lucky to have fantastic co-workers that we can hang out with outside of our jobs.  Better yet, they’ve got great spouses that we get along with too.  Moving to a new place without knowing a soul is scary!  I’m thankful that it’s taken no time at all to meet awesome people and start developing good friendships.  Our Christmas and New Year’s Eve were both spent with our new MD friends and they have been the most memorable in our marriage yet!

3) My friend Jen is coming to visit from WA!  Woohoo!  Can’t wait to see her and show her our new stomping grounds!

What are you thankful for this week?



Thankful Thursday #1

During the month of November Facebook usually gets flooded with things that people are thankful for.  The month ends, and so do the posts.  Why should proclaiming our thanks be limited to just November?  Everyday I realize how much I have to be thankful for so I want to start documenting that in my blog.  ‘Feel Good Friday’ didn’t really take off like I had envisioned, so I’ve decided to start  ‘Thankful Thursday’ instead.  I want this to be a time where I (and whoever else wants to contribute) can spend some time to publically give thanks for the things happening in life.

This week I am thankful that my husband and I work in the same general vicinity and are on the same schedule.  For the first time since we’ve been together we are able to wake up for work together and come home at around the same time. We’ve been able to eat breakfast together, chat as we are getting ready, and make dinner at a decent hour.  Such little things, but they make a world of difference!

If you want to submit something to ‘Thankful Thursday’, feel free!  I’ll start working on putting up a submission area, but in the meantime you can just send me an email at rockpapernavy @ (don’t put in the spaces though).