Just wanted to give a quick shout out to my friend Katelyn on her wedding day!  You will be a stunning bride and I’m so thrilled for this next chapter in your life with Chris.  Sending you lots of love from the east coast!  Love you long time, girl!




Spoke too soon…

Ok well apparently I spoke to soon about the sunny weather, because today I feel like I’m back in Seattle!  Haha!  The morning started out with a gorgeous sunrise, but a heavy cloud cover rolled in and it’s drizzling.  The weekend forecast calls for sunshine and 60+ degree weather, though, so let’s hope that happens! But really, as a whole, the weather here is fantastic (even with the summer humidity) and I have no major complaints!

So, my friend Jen came to visit last weekend.  It was a great trip!  She took a red eye from Seattle, so Clint and I decided to stay the night prior in DC to avoid the 2am trek north at 5am.  It worked out wonderfully as we were able to spend most of Friday evening with my cousin and his girlfriend.  In the past 10 years I’ve seen this cousin twice, so it was a really fun time being able to hang out and hopefully we will be able to do this more often.  The next morning Jen arrived and after some airport mixup/shuttle fiasco, she got to the hotel and we got our day started.  First stop was breakfast at Old Ebbitt Grill near the White House, then onto as many “must see” houses/memorials/monuments/houses/museums as we could fit in: White House, Washington, WWII, Lincoln, Korean War, MLK Jr, FDR, Jefferson, and the museum of American History.  We got lucky with GORGEOUS clear, blue skies and not-so-cold temperatures.

Washington DC

The rest of the weekend consisted of Chick-fil-A, wine tasting, showing off my new stomping grounds, introducing old friends to new friends, and of course – watching the Seahawks win!  Overall it was a fabulous weekend and I’m SO glad to have had a familiar face visit!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!



Thankful Thursday #3

Today I’m thankful for the amount of sunshine we get here in MD.  Coming from western WA where we see sunshine maybe 25% of the year, this is a very welcomed change!  Every morning I’ve been able to see the most beautiful sunrises because there are no clouds getting in the way.  Not to mention, it’s been surprisingly warm lately.  This weekend is predicted to get close to 70!  I have a feeling this isn’t normal, but I’ll take it!  Here’s to more vitamin D and blue skies!

Side note – had a great visit with my friend Jen last weekend… I’ll post some photos of our DC tour later!






Thankful Thursday #2

I know, I know… I’m a bit behind.  I blame it on the holidays!  Happy New Year, everyone!

Today I’m thankful for 3 things:

1) My 7 minute commute to work.  There is something so great about hitting only 1 stop light, and knowing that I don’t need to factor in an additional 30+ minutes in my morning ritual.

2) The wonderful friends we are making here.  Both Clint and I have been so lucky to have fantastic co-workers that we can hang out with outside of our jobs.  Better yet, they’ve got great spouses that we get along with too.  Moving to a new place without knowing a soul is scary!  I’m thankful that it’s taken no time at all to meet awesome people and start developing good friendships.  Our Christmas and New Year’s Eve were both spent with our new MD friends and they have been the most memorable in our marriage yet!

3) My friend Jen is coming to visit from WA!  Woohoo!  Can’t wait to see her and show her our new stomping grounds!

What are you thankful for this week?



my new job

Back in July I quit my job.  We were preparing to move to Maryland and I knew that I had no desire to work from home with my same company.  I wanted to try new things and more importantly, meet new people in my area.  I love my husband but I did not want him to be my only friend!  Quitting my job was a double edge sword.  It was rebellious and exciting, but scary as sh*t.  I was quitting with no other job lined up, our cushy income was about to be cut in half, and there was no determined timeframe as to when things would get back to “normal”…if they even did.

Pax River is home to Naval Air Systems Command aka NAVAIR.  In a nutshell, this command is the big kahuna behind US Naval Aviation.  They design, build, and test aircraft, write policies & manuals, and probably a whole host of other things I have no idea about.  Likewise, many jobs in this area revolve around supporting NAVAIR in one way or another.  It’s a great community to get into…IF you can get into it.

When we first moved to MD I wanted to give myself a bit of a break from working, enjoy the house wife life for a bit.  September rolled around and I decided it was time to get this job hunt started.  Over the course of the next month I applied to about 20 jobs – no luck.  It was rather discouraging because I felt I had a lot to offer, but I knew it would take some time.  Everything changed once October hit.

I had posted an employment ad on in August, thinking it was a long shot but worth a try.  Good thing I did, because in October I received an email from a recruiter to discuss employment opportunities!  The position she was initially recruiting for was not a match but she seemed to like me and promised to stay in touch.  A couple weeks later I left to meet Clint in San Diego.  3 days into my visit I received a phone call from the recruiter regarding a recently open position…she wanted me to phone interview the next day!  Thursday morning I had a 45 minute phone interview with the hiring manager and team lead, things went really well.  Knowing I was in SD and wouldn’t be back for a couple weeks, they didn’t want to wait and requested a second interview via Skype (yup, you read that right, Skype).  Friday morning I woke up early, got pretty, and put on a blazer that I luckily had packed.  Our Skype interview only lasted about 10 minutes but I ended the convo feeling pretty confident.  Well apparently they liked me because that afternoon I had a verbal offer!  The formal offer came on Monday and of course, I accepted.

WOW!  Talk about a complete 180 and just a crazy story in general.  Who would have ever expected a little ad on a local Maryland website to lead to this?  And the fact I got the job without ever actually meeting them in person?!  All I can say is that if this isn’t evidence that things work out exactly the way they should (ie – I need to STOP worrying), then I don’t know what is!

Ok – so what am I doing?  I’m working as an executive assistant/analyst within the field of enterprise architecture (google it).  It’s super complex and confusing but as much as it makes my brain hurt, I’m totally fascinated.  And if you know some of my past jobs, you know “fascinating” has not been the word to describe them…so this is a major bonus!  My boss has been in this field for many years and will be an amazing mentor.  He sees potential in me and wants to impart as much of his knowledge into me as possible.  My co-workers are fantastic.  They are so helpful and welcoming, and I’ve already developed some great friendships that I know will last for years to come.

Needless to say, I’m beyond grateful for how everything has turned out.  I feel extremely fortunate to be in my situation because what happened to me is NOT common.  I’m really looking forward to this new career path and how the next few years will go!


Thankful Thursday #1

During the month of November Facebook usually gets flooded with things that people are thankful for.  The month ends, and so do the posts.  Why should proclaiming our thanks be limited to just November?  Everyday I realize how much I have to be thankful for so I want to start documenting that in my blog.  ‘Feel Good Friday’ didn’t really take off like I had envisioned, so I’ve decided to start  ‘Thankful Thursday’ instead.  I want this to be a time where I (and whoever else wants to contribute) can spend some time to publically give thanks for the things happening in life.

This week I am thankful that my husband and I work in the same general vicinity and are on the same schedule.  For the first time since we’ve been together we are able to wake up for work together and come home at around the same time. We’ve been able to eat breakfast together, chat as we are getting ready, and make dinner at a decent hour.  Such little things, but they make a world of difference!

If you want to submit something to ‘Thankful Thursday’, feel free!  I’ll start working on putting up a submission area, but in the meantime you can just send me an email at rockpapernavy @ (don’t put in the spaces though).



Should have seen this coming…

Clint finally got his butt back to work today!  🙂  This morning he checked into his new command here at Pax River.  So far it looks like it will be pretty great situation!  The people he’s met so far seem laid back & easy to get along with, and he will be part of a smaller group that will be working an unmanned helicopter called the Firescout.  It’s a completely new aircraft for him, so he’s excited about the new experiences and knowledge he will be gaining.  The best part is that he will be on days, so we will finally be working similar hours!

But of course, any good news from the Navy must be balanced with some bad news.  After all these years, I should have seen this coming!  So what’s going on?

The Firescout requires additional training beyond the 2 months he just did in San Diego.  It’s not set in stone yet, but it looks like for the 3rd year in a row we will be saying goodbye & parting ways on the Sunday after Turkey Day.  Greeeeeeat.  Thankfully if this all goes down he will at least be home in time for Christmas, but it doesn’t lessen the fact that he’ll be gone for a majority of the holiday season again.  Nonetheless, my elaborate plan for this year is not going to change!  The house will still get decorated, the living room will have a tree, and Christmas parties will be attended…but how much he can participate is still in question.  Next week we should have more information, so we will see.  Fingers crossed that after this he will FINALLY get to stay home!


2 years

Today we have been married for 2 years.  Hard to believe how much has happened in this time frame!  We’ve gone through 2 deployments, moved across the country, bought a house, driven across the country twice, and survived our first East Coast hurricane experience.  We have certainly had our ups & downs but always come out on top.  I’m so in love with this man, and I’m thrilled for all the years & memories ahead of us.


On a different note, we luckily were not too heavily effected by Hurricane Sandy.  We experienced heavy rain and moderate winds, but we never lost power.  All our trees are still standing and as far as I can tell, the area we are in didn’t have too much in the way of flooding.  I’m definitely counting my blessings as I read of the devastation along the rest of the coast.  My heart & thoughts go out to those who were much more impacted.


ps – once I get a few more days under my belt, I’ll update you on my new job!

job interview!

I have an interview tomorrow!!!!  Woohoo!  I’m not in the mood to write too much about it now, but I just wanted to quickly share the news!  If I get the job or not will probably dictate how much I decide to blog about it later.  Either way – please wish me luck, I need to start making some monaaaaay!